The J Ward Tower

Photos by Darren West

During April and May 2006, J Ward presented an exhibition by Darren West. His photos give a chilling taste of Victoria's most secretive institution. We are proud to display selected images on the website.

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Full moon over J Ward

Underground kitchen facade

Dentist's chair

West wing

Underground bathroom

Cell 12

Governor's Residence

Cell block, lower level



Copyright © Darren West 2005

Other Photos

Bill Wallace - probably the longest time spent in J Ward, 64 years

Cell bed - some patients slept on the floor with untearable rugs

Corridor - 'Home' for over 140 years

Looking down the corridor

Front bars - Not a bad view from this side

The J Ward front yard

Vegie Gate - the patients grew their own vegetables for many years

Henry Morgan - the last man hanged at Ararat County Gaol

The front of J Ward

Museum - Displays and reading material

Oven - bread was baked on the premises

Ship - One of the famous J WARD ships painted in 1860s


Urinal - in the days before sewerage a corner in the yard served

Yard seat - try and smash this one up