Souvenirs & books

The following books are available for sale at J Ward.

Book cover: The J Ward Story by Graeme Burgin

The J Ward Story

by Graeme Burgin

A history of J ward with interesting prisoner and patient stories.

Book cover: The Building by Graeme Burgin

The Building "Aradale" Ararat Lunatic Asylum

By Graeme Burgin

A history of the Ararat Lunatic Asylum in the 19th century.

Book cover: From Gutter to Glory, by Peter Barfoot

From Gutter to Glory

By Thomas Varney

The story of a man who spent time in J Ward and in prison and who overcame his early difficulties.

The Silver Poplar

By Edmond Smith

One man's search for his own identity and for his family, some of whom were found at Aradale.


David Harris

A story of a boy's journey from the underworld, occult, drugs, prisons and J Ward to freedom, hope and transformation.