J Ward is now open for fully vaccinated visitors. You will be required to present proof of vaccination upon entry. Online bookings are preferred as group sizes are limited.


Hear why our members love volunteering with J Ward.

The Friend of J Ward have around 50 – 60 volunteers who contribute to J Ward in various ways. We have volunteers guiding, working in administration, gardening, ticketing, handyman and computing. Our volunteers range in age from 20 – 80.

Being a Friend of J Ward is a good way to meet many new people and at the same time contribute to a major tourist attraction. We also enjoy many social functions during the year. If you are interested in helping please contact us.

“I like to help the community and I also get to meet a lot of people.”

— Sandra Ferguson

“It’s a great chance to repay the people of Ararat for all I have received in my life.”

— Ron Roberts

“I have been intrigued by the history of J Ward and being a guide allows me to find out more about the place.”

— Lynne Baker

"It is a great way to meet people and I really enjoy taking tours.”

— Jon Ross

“I Like meeting people and I enjoy talking to them.”

— Gloria Van Moorsel

“I enjoy the challenge of working to improve J Ward as a tourist location for Ararat and I really enjoy the tours.”