These are some of the many stories you may hear on a guided tour of J Ward.

Time Capsule Opening, 21 April 2019

Buried in 1994, the J Ward time capsule was opened at 2:30pm on Sunday 21 April 2019.

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The Women of Old Ararat Gaol and J Ward Asylum

Jacqui Sanders explores the lives of the women who were imprisoned in Old Ararat Gaol and the J Ward Asylum during the nineteenth century.

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The County Gaol turned Lunatic Asylum

J Ward started its life as a goldfields prison in 1859.

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The ghost of Governor Fiddimont

George Fiddimont was the last Governor of the gaol.

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George Leondieu, dangerous and delusional

George was sent to J Ward in the 1950’s for allegedly killing a man who made homosexual advances to him.

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