The ghost of Governor Fiddimont

George Fiddimont was the last Governor of the gaol.

As we are about to leave the underground Kitchen, I would like to tell you a brief story about the Governor of the gaol – George Fiddimont.

In 1886 he was showing a group around the gaol and was coming down the steps on the opposite side of the wall. As he was about to reach the bottom of the steps, he suffered a massive heart attack and died near the foot of the stairs.

Underground Kitchen Facade
Photo: Darren West

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. One of our guides was taking a tour during the day and when he was in here (the Old Underground Kitchen), he and the group were able to hear a person walking up and down the steps….. sounding very much like hobnailed boots. Our guide thought this was strange as no other group or person was in J Ward at that time.

As a result, he called out a number of times if anyone was there. There was no answer so he went over to open the door and to his and the groups amazement, there was no one there.

Let’s open the door and see if anyone is there!

Underground Kitchen Window
Photo: Darren West

By volunteer guide Geoff White. To hear more stories about J Ward, book your visit.