The Infamous Garry Webb

Another story told on the display panels is about the infamous Gary Webb. Webb apparently had a long career in crime but the part of his life we are interested in started in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula.

Webb went into a pizza shop to rob it, but was spotted by an off duty policeman. The policeman attempted to intervene and got shot for his trouble. He apparently recovered although he left the police force soon after. The woman who owned the pizza shop was also shot and is still confined to a wheel chair.

Gary Webb was sentenced to fourteen years. If he behaved himself he would be out in about eight and a half years. But not this man. He started to write to the media and the politicians about what he would do when he got out. The politicians became so worried about Webb they passed a special law to keep him locked up for the rest of his life. Webb became a self-mutilator. We are told that there are some seventy recorded instances of him cutting off bits and pieces. He cut his penis off three times, the last time it was too damaged to reattach.

From The J Ward Story, by Graeme Burgin